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Liam Rogers based in Girvan, is one of the best Bag Pipers in Ayrshire today already well known for bag piping at Weddings,  Funerals and other Scottish events.
As a Piper Liam can ignite the Scottish Passion, at your Wedding, Burns Night, Ceilidh or Scottish Function or simply at a Funeral of a dear departed.
Arriving at your venue you will see an Immaculately Dressed Piper delivering tunes that will caress your ears and provide memories that will live in the mind long after the event is over.
Piping the guests arrival at Church, Register Office, Hotel Piping for the brides arrival, ceremony and down the aisle.  Piping the top table to their meal Piping Bride and Groom to Cake, Piping at a Funeral of a dear departed..   and much more......... Ayrshire Wedding Piper, Scottish Bag Piper, Ayrshire Bag Piper, 
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